#Karonakuch A Letter

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The poor most affected by Corona, through it’s been brought home by the rich

Dear Friend,

Day before yesterday, India shut down completely for a day, as a mark of its resolve to fight Corona virus. It was a tremendous show of solidarity. But, Corona is just one of the many crisis facing humanity. There is global warming, economic slowdown, communal strife, war mongering and, above all acute poverty, to name a few!

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India’s unfortunate that are most vulnerable and unprovided for… #KaronaKuch campaign
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Virus or no virus. She needs job and money

What do we do? What sort of Future World would we be giving to our children? Let us ponder over these questions peacefully. In any case, most of us will have very little else to do, apart from pondering, in the next few weeks.

“ stay from home” cannot help these people – give them food and money for their well being

It is interesting! Most of us think that somehow the root of all our problems lies in the moral ground and not on the material ground.

Let’s ponder, introspect and amend ourselves

As a system, I suppose, we became monstrous and neglected the moral ground for a little too long. Whatever developments that we did over the last two centuries, we all know, benefitted only ten percent population. Pushing the other ninety percent people, nature and animal life, into the hell hole of deprivation or degradation! May be, we are being punished for this! Yes, punished by nature, or by god, if you want to call the moral authority that.

Temples, mosques and churches have also tried, are still trying, but haven’t succeeded in remedying the situation. I think the crisis needs a much larger and a more united social push. Such a push is what is called by some people as, secular-social-push. Of course religion is not excluded from such an exercise.

So, let’s all push! But before we do that, let’s discuss the issue first. May be on the social media platforms (Virus free!). And come up with concrete suggestions, such as, simple living, sharing, caring, etc. But, think concretely; think differently, before you suggest different sectors! Kindly use #karonakuch in all your postings, even amongst yourselves.

– Prasanna                                                                                                    24.Mar.2020         (Playwrite, Theater Director & Social Activist, Gram Seva Sangh ,               Bengaluru)

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