The Tragedy of Migration

#CoronaSochna! In search of livelihood, poor have been migrating for centuries. By provoking the tragedy of reverse migration, #Corona has brought the original tragedy into sharp focus. There is no alternative but #SacredEconomy to bring people back to village.

These are the short tweets wrote on the tragedy of migration, during current corona crisis, which bought the migration tragedies into the debate.

#CoronaSochona! #BhiKariThakur, a Bihari, stayed in Calcutta a while & went back. Deeply touched by the tragedy of #migration he became an ascetic & wrote plays. His plays became folklore. There is no alternative but #SacredEconomy to mitigate the #TragedyofMigration.

#CoronaSochona! #BhiKariThakur’s plays are simple; full of emotional songs on migration, on separation. It is the tragedy of Women, who stayed back & did both jobs of man & woman, which is the core of his plays. There is no alternative but #SacredEconomy for rural women.

#CoronaSochona! In #BhikariThakur’s plays amazingly, there is little to think but a lot to feel & act. Unfortunately it is the thinking system that converted the inevitable tragedy of #migration into an urban epidemic. There is no alternative but #SacredEconomy, to act.

#CoronaSochona! Politician & business leader since last century, talked brazenly about the need to provoke #migration, for progress sake. They claimed, there are too many in villages, in agriculture & crafts. #SacredEconomy is the only alternative for village.

#CoronaSochona! Capitalism drove people in hoards, into the city. It gave birth to ghettos and slums. Ofcourse to the mega city; crowded choking & terrifying! There is no alternative but #SacredEconomy, for the dying city.

#CoronaSochona! Now that, wealth is drying up, cities are dying, the poor are leaving! Is this reverse migration No! it’s a human tragedy. Only #SacredEconomy can bring happy reverse migration. #Karonakuch

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