Gram Seva Sangh is a Social Organization with the objective of upholding the dignity of labour. The Organization believes that physical labour and manual skills are the cornerstones of Civilization. Modern culture is enslaved to automated machinery. Being labeled as “Machine Civilization”, it has rejected a life of labour and industries involving manual labour. This has resulted in destruction of nature and natural resources. It is also responsible for the  widening gap between the rich and the poor,  rising global temperature, disturbances in rainfall, excessive consumerism and untouchability. Gram Seva Sangh believes that all these imbalances can be rectified by re-establishing the traditional village industries which depend on labour.

Five Point Programme
–  The village industries are the ideal representation of industries involving labour. By increasing the dignity of village establishments we uphold the dignity of labour. But the current village establishments are plagued by social inequality and poverty.  Gram Seva Sangh  aims to create new village establishments brimming with rationality and entrepreneurship and eradicate the twin problems of poverty and casteism.
Revival of village industries like handlooms and handicrafts, provide market linkages and through this create employment in villages in a large scale are the three economic programmes of  Gram Seva Sangh. Working on eradicating inequalities like Casteism, Gender bias and fighting substance abuse are the two social programmes. In all,  Gram Seva Sangh is committed to implementing this five point programme that helps uphold the dignity of labour.
Three Disciplines

Environmental concern, Simple living and Service mindedness are the three disciplines that the members of  Gram Seva Sangh  need to obey. By following these, the members wish to become examples of discipline in the society. Gram Seva Sangh  belives that only when the haves incorporate these disciplines in their life can they remove the inferiority complex among the poor and they can participate in building an equitable society.

Three Trainings
Shramadaan (physical work), Cooperation and Intellectual training are the three primary training programmes of Graama Seva Sangha. Through these trainings, the organization is committed to building a society by designing effective programmes.
Why an Organization?
The modern culture is evolved into a machine civilization. Advances in automation, misuse of natural resources and living a luxurious life are key signs of modern culture. Modern culture is deluded by the belief that perpetual use of natural resources and unpunctuated luxurious lifestyle is possible.  It has started to believe that easy lifestyle is noble. This epidemic of easy lifestyle has spread to the hard workers and has destroyed their inner conviction. The children born into this culture are trained to live an easy life without hard work and to always seek happiness.
Four goals
Revival of village industries and labour intensive employment Reconstruction of economic and ethical sectorsEmpowerment of political and religious sectors Implementation of simple living with labour
Issues faced by humanity
The severe impact of the destruction of nature and environment is starting to show. The widening gap between the rich and the poor has started to reflect in the fabric of the society. Consumerism is spreading like an epidemic due to excessive market expansion. Societies, languages, lifestyles are at the threshold of destruction. Human relationships, mental health, peace and harmony are decaying. Ethnic hatred, shrinking politics, war, violence is increasing day by day. Gram Seva Sangh belives that living a simple life, restoring dignity in professions involving labour and creating smaller decentralized systems is the path to solving some of these problems.
Middle Path
The inequalities and contradictions created between village and the city needs to be removed. The organization belives that this programme can be achieved only by a coordinated perspective and a middle path. Gram Seva Sangh intends to adopt the good aspects of both the city and the village. It wishes to transplant the scientific mindset originating in the city and the work culture originating in the village, to control the excessive mechanization and social inequalities and therby pave way for a new culture.
Non-violent movement
Fundamentalists are forcing to derail new social movements. They use violence resulting in bloodbath. Gandhiji understood this and imposed non-violence as a penance to social and political movements.  Gram Seva Sangh is committed to follow the path of non-violence for building a social movement. 
Equality of all religions
The original message of all religions being the same, it is wise to ignore the smaller differences in their ritual practices and uphold the dignity of labour.  Gram Seva Sangh believes in equality of all religions
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