Save The Rivers Campaign : A Tribute to the Scientist Saint G D Agarwal

Save The Rivers Campaign : Introductory Remark by Prasanna


Shri Panditharadhya Shivacharya Swamiji, Sanehalli Mutt at “Save The Rivers” Campaign

Save The Rivers Campaign : Basavaraj Patil


Zenrainman Vishwanath Srikantaiah at ‘Save The Rivers Campaign”


Prof. M.V.Rajeev Gowda at “Save The Rivers Campaign”


Veteran Politician B L Shankar at “Save The Rivers” Campaign


Prof. Abhijit Mitra (Scientist and Lokavidya Activist) at “Save The Rivers Campaign”

Art of Re-cyclying


Art of Re-cyclying

Activist-friends took us to Mochi Hunagund Yallappa’s (of the Muchigeri community) house. Saraswatamma and Manjula, his neighbours who make kavadi/quilts were also there. Traditionally, Muchigeri or Mochi community were involved in sewing kavadi, which is not only handmade but also a recycled product made from old saris and other used cloth.

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TheHandmade jaatha – A Long March for the handmade

Farmers, Weavers, Craftsman, Cowherds, Shepherds, Agricultural workers are all going to congregate at Kodekal for unity. Hindus, Muslims, Christians all are going to congregate there for unity. “Touchables and Untouchables” are both going to congregate there for unity. Students, Youth, Writers, Intellectuals are all going to congregate there for unity.