Gram Seva Sangh is a federation of the constructive work organizations of India. It acts as a bridge between the citizen in the city and the constructive work in the village. This bridge helps the citizen to make contact with, and learn from the village; in things such as simple living, working with ones’s own hands and nature. In turn the Sangh helps the village constructive organisations, with a market for their ‘hand’ produce, training in building equitable systems and organizations. To put simply, it is a bridge to transport good Things from both ends and a Constructive Programme to shed bad qualities at both ends.

Gram Seva Sangh is a group of like-minded individuals willing to participate in dialogues and activities that intend to bridge the widening gap that exists between the cities and villages.

The platforms/venue for these dialogues are locally conducted “Study Circles” by members who volunteer to host them. Members might also choose to meet up at a specific location such as our office, volunteers home, park to have Events Specific Meetings, Shramadaan (gift of labour), Book readings, Discussions and Debates on topics related to sustainability and equity. Shramadaan is the act of volunteering for physical, constructive work.

Please get in touch if you would like to join.