Support Magan Khadi Artisans

An Appeal to Magan Khadi Supporter

The sudden outbreak of Covid 19 and the extension of lockdown to  two months have brought Magan Khadi production and sales to a grinding halt and 350 artisans and Khadi workers associated with Magan Khadi are on the verge of losing their livelihood.
Till now with your love and support we crossed many hurdles and reached where we are. Now again in time of this crises we look to you for support.

How can you Help us?

Pay Now & Shop Later  

We request you to purchase a Magan Khadi Coupon for any amount that you can spare for the cause. You can use the coupon to purchase product of your choice once our sale outlet is open. As token of our gratitude for your kind gesture we offer a discount of 10% on your purchase.

Please see details below

Steps to Purchase Magan Khadi Voucher

1.Transfer amount to the following bank account

Bank Name: Canara Bank( Wardha Branch)

Account Name: Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti

Account Number: 2632101004868

IFC Code: CNRBO 002632 MIRC Code: 442015001

 2. Send a Message to +91 9970070558, Transaction Id, Your name and amount, Email ID

3. Ensure that you receive an acknowledgement in return with your voucher number within three days.

4. Walk into Magan Khadi store, Maharashtra. Purchase your product and provide the voucher number and  your purchase will be validated.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This voucher is an advance payment towards a future purchase. 

2. The minimum voucher value is Rs.500. There is no maximum limit.

3. Voucher purchase is a limited periods offer from 15th  April to 15th  May 2020 

4. The vouchers are exclusively made for purchases. from Magan Khadi store and WhatsApp purchases.

5. The voucher  amount is non-transferable 

6. The voucher is valid till 31 March 2021.

7. Discount will be applicable to voucher purchases only ( No additional discount will be applicable)

A Letter from Chairperson of the Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti & Handloom & Khadi Activist Vibha Gupta

Dear Magan Khadi well-wishers,

We are hoping that you and your family are safe & healthy.
Sadly, the nationwide Corona virus lockdown has led to closing down of our Magan Khadi retail outlet. The survival of our Khadi unit depends on the proceeds from the sales of Magan Khadi. With the earnings from sales having reduced to zero we have practically no funds to pay our sliver unit workers, spinners, weavers, knitters, bobbin makers, dyers, printers, tailors, shopkeepers, and the management team. We are even unable to pay the tribal families who collect the natural dyeing material from the forest for us. Most of these artisans and tribal groups are extremely poor and live below poverty line. Hence losing livelihood has become a question of life and death for them. We have been managing to support them so far with the means at our disposal. But now, with the sell of khadi having come down to zero,  supporting these 350+ Magan Khadi artisans is becoming more and more difficult for us.

You have always been a great supporter and well-wisher of Magan Khadi. Keeping that in mind we hereby are reaching out to you as  to help us out in the current financial crisis. We have chalked out a plan that could be beneficial for both you and us. As per this scheme you could  purchase  Magan Khadi – Pay Now & Buy Later Voucher, for any amount that you want to  (The last date of purchase of voucher is 15th May 2020) .You can use the Magan Khadi voucher till March 2021 for  purchase of any product from Magan Khadi store. As a token of gratitude for your timely assistance we offer 10% discount on your purchase.By participating in this scheme you can help our poor women spinners and the weavers and save them from starvation.

We and our artisans will always be grateful to you for your valuable assistance. 

As always, we count on your generosity!

Thanks & Regards

Dr. Vibha Gupta, Chairperson MSS  & Mukesh Lutade, Natural Dye Expert