Sacred Economy Fast Ends

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Press Release – 17.04.2020

Sacred Economy Fast Ends – Prasanna

After eight days of fasting, I am concluding my fast, at 5 p.m. April 17, 2020.  This vow was taken with a limited purpose.  The purpose was not to protest against the current political regime, though they immensely deserve to be protested, but to introspect. Consequently several Gandhians, constructive activists and progressive thinkers, including myself, have engaged in a process of introspection and have arrived at a resolution.

Once the lockdown is lifted, we have decided to reach out to the hungry and the jobless. Whether they be migrant workers, village farmers, urban workers, weavers or cobblers, we will continue to raise our voice in their support, as most of us were already been doing. We will take this struggle forward. 

We are going to take up another task, a task of tremendous significance. There is going to be an insidious effort by the greedy vested interest to prop up the collapsed Monster Economy. The Monster Economy, as you all know, has already created hell for the poor as well as for nature. We shall prevent any such effort at resurrecting the Monster. Be it from the Authorities, Industrialists, the World Bank, or Global Economies, we will declare a non-violent war against them if they try to do so.

During the fast you have given us great moral support. The police have also been very civil. The media has shown restraint in publishing about the fast, because of the Carona emergency. We are grateful to all of them and specially to you.


Theatre Activist and Playwright

                Gram Seva Sangh

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