Intensifying the Satyagraha for Building a Sacred Economy

A Press Note from Gram Seva Sangh


We have decided to undertake a satyagraha for a Sacred Economy from Friday, April 10, 2020 from 6 am in the morning till 6 pm in the evening that day. We invite everyone in the country to join us in this national fast being done to empathize with the plight of the migrant workers as well as for self-introspection.  Sri Prasanna, a senior member of GSS, will however fast for an indefinite period. The national fast is a modest effort at speaking to the nation’s conscience.

Our satyagraha is not a public protest. Sri Prasanna will have water and some lime juice with a bit of salt daily to prevent any harm to his life. From the third day onwards, he will have some honey twice a day to maintain the sugar levels in the body.

GSS will make public the relevant details of the satyagraha at from time to time. We request that no one attempts to visit the site of the fast or to speak to those undertaking the fast and that no one violates the lockdown measures.  Fasting is an integral part of Indian culture and a ritual practice that makes us proud. Friends, well-wisher organizations and sympathetic governments should not ask us to give up our fast. We are acting inconformity with the law.  If the government views our fast as a legal violation, we will gladly let ourselves be arrested.

Background of the Satyagraha

Human civilization is on the brink of a catastrophe. In the name of Rama, we are creating a Ravana-like civilization. While Christians are building a machine-led empire in the name of the compassionate Christ, the Muslims share the dream of world dominance in the name of the Prophet. Further, the dreams of the egalitarians and the socialists are not very different either. All of them desire to spread themselves across the world, rule over the world. The dream of a simple and decent society has receded to the background.

It has been over a century since Gandhiji propounded a model of simple civilization based in villages and human toil. After his death, his followers themselves fell prey to power politics, turning him into an absurd symbol.  In an age of machine technology, Gandhiji advocated an economic system without machines and stayed rooted in the handmade.  The machines are controlling us today. People with faith in simple life and in need of a simple economy are losing hope in the possibility of a Gandhian economy. Amidst this situation, the sudden presence of the corona virus all around has doubtless defeated the monster economy.

Badanwal Satyagraha

In April 2015, several organizations and activists doing constructive work in the country came together under the banner of ‘Badanavalu Satyagraha’ to persuade the world of the dire need for living in sustainable ways. The several satyagrahas seen since then to press for the implementation of programmes for a sustainable life have shaped the philosophy of a Sacred Economy. The principle of Sacred Economy shows a way for practicing Gandhian philosophy in this age of total mechanization. While allowing for the use of machines up to 40% of the production process, it demands that human labour constitutes at least 60% of it.

The movement for a Sacred Economy started on Sept 25, 2015. As a result of this struggle, the Grama Seva Sangh is in discussion with the central government on the issue of a Sacred Economy. The talks however have not been fruitful. We have now realized that the people of this country need to bring moral pressure on the government.  With this end in view, we have started a new people’s campaign called #KaronaKuch (‘Do something.’).  As part of this campaign, we have given a call for observing a nation-wide fast this Friday to support the cause of the poor workers forced to migrate in the lockdown. The satyagraha for a Sacred Economy will intensify as a ‘Do or Die’ struggle afterwards.

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