Brother, let’s have a unity of purpose

Gram Seva Sangh, is doing a campaign these days called #KaronaKuch. The aim of this campaign is to bring unity of purpose amongst Indian citizen, during the hour of crisis. We strongly believe, this crisis, though manifesting itself as Corona Emergency, is a deep seated moral and ethical crisis! With this moral and ethical concern in mind, we have been issuing social media posts praising the strong social foundation of every practicing religion in India. The some of our Hindu brothern have objected to our praising the good social values in Islam! These objections are of course based on a certain fact, pointing a figure at the Muslims today!

Brother, we are painfully aware of this! Not just amongst Muslims but amongst every Indian citizen. If social values had not become mere ritual, Mantra, Namaz and Sunday prayer, we would not have gotten into the mess that we are in today.

Do we give up Hinduism, simply because there are problems today in its practice. On the contrary! We shall make extra efforts to bring these ideas into practice! Sharing, Caring and Love! Let us practice it. Others, We are sure, will join us! In any case Unity is the need of the hour, Brother!

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