An Urgent Appeal for Funds

Gram Seva Sangh


Dear Fellow Travelers,

As you are aware, the Gram Seva Sangh (GSS) has been making efforts since 2015 to bring together urban and rural workers through programs, agitations and Satyagraha’s in order to create a new force for social justice and economic equity in the society. In recent months, our Satyagraha for the Sacred Economy has found wide acceptance in parts of the major cities in Karnataka. In our current efforts to expand the Satyagraha to district and Taluka centers, we are happy to share with you that we find a high degree of resonance with people’s aspirations as witnessed in their enthusiastic participation and support to our programs.


A few days ago, the central government invited the GSS to Delhi to discuss the demands put up by the Sangh during the October Satyagraha. During the discussions, the GSS has requested the government to speedily address our demands. Nonetheless, indications are that only a mass struggle is likely to force the government to accede to our demands.


Accordingly, our next step is to visit a large number of places across Karnataka to strengthen the struggle. The background and ongoing work needed for this is immense. Therefore we have had to take one more full time and two part time volunteers for the Bangalore office. These five volunteers have agreed to work with us for a much lower remuneration, arising from their own commitment for justice and equity in society. It is not out of place to mention that they have given up their previous high paying jobs in order to work with us.


We also have to plan for expenses for our activity in interior Karnataka. While we gratefully acknowledge your generosity in providing assistance to us in the past, we find that our collections are presently significantly lower than our needs. Consequently, we face a shortage of nearly one lac rupees every month.


Such a deficit cannot be met without expanding our circle of contributors. Our appeal to you is twofold:

  1. Please consider a commitment for monthly contributions to our cause
    1. Small contribution from your monthly income (Ex: from 2 to 10 thousand rupees) every month.
    2. Or, a yearly or a onetime contribution of say 12,000 rupees or more
  2. As a longtime supporter of the agenda of the GSS, please enlist supporters from amongst your friends, relatives and associates across India and make them a part of our family, both materially and otherwise.

We would be grateful for a quick response from you. A change from the past is that we have recently opened a current account in the name of Gram Seva Sangh. The details of the Bank Account are given below:

Account Name: Gram Seva Sangh

Account No: 6820702287

IFSC Code: IDIB000C007

Bank: Indian Bank

Branch: Chamarajapete, Bengaluru

Thank You
Mentor, Gram Seva Sangh

Gram Seva Sangh

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