A Thirsting, Monstrous City

Convention of environmentalists against excessive growth and water use

14th Jul, 11 am – 2 pm, Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru

Is it our civil duty to help build a monstrously big city? Is it ever possible, even feasible, to quench the thirst of such a city? Will such a city ever bring joy into the lives of you and your siblings. Think. Through a wrong policy, successive governments have dried up villages and are herding rural people towards the city. Through the same policy they are destroying all the river basins of the state, to quench the monstrous thirst of the city rich, their constructions and their factories. All this is being done in the name of drinking water.

Infact Bengaluru is afortunate city. Mother Nature bestows 15 TMC of water every year to this city through rains. Our elders had built hundreds of water bodies, and the Thippagondanahalli water reservoir. They had built gardens and green roads. Thus there were sweet water wells at the back of every house in Bengaluru till a few decades back. Bengaluru was a modern city. It was the greenest city with the mildest weather anywhere in the country.

We have encroached lakes, cut trees, added thousands of polluting industries into the belly of Bengaluru. As a result all the water that is being pumped into the city is flowing out as utterly poisoned water. We want to add Sharavathi, Kaali, Krishna and Tungabadhra waters now to produce even more poisoned water. Excessive Growth is madness, come let us stop this madness. Let us control polluting industries, Let us allow rivers to flow in their own basins.

 Organized by

Gram Seva Sangh, Sharavati Nadi Ulisi Horata Okkuta, Environment Support Group

and Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi

Mob: 9980043911 and Email ID: gramsevasanghindia@gmail.com