Come to Kodekal | A Unity Convention of the Handmaking People | Tue · Jan 30, 2018

Come to Kodekal!


A Unity Convention of the Handmaking People


A Long March for the Handmade

Tue · Jan 30, 2018 · 10 am

Kodekal Basavanna Shrine

Farmers, Weavers, Craftsman, Cowherds, Shepherds, Agricultural workers are all going to congregate at Kodekal for unity. Hindus, Muslims, Christians all are going to congregate there for unity. “Touchables and Untouchables” are both going to congregate there for unity. Students, Youth, Writers, Intellectuals are all going to congregate there for unity.

The unity of handmaking people, after all, has a long tradition. In Karnataka, during the twelfth century, saint Basava brought the handmaking people together. In the Fifteenth century, Saint Kodekal Basava and Saint Kanaka Dasa again brought them together. Manteswamy, another saint poet, took the call of unity, ‘down to the dark state’, as he called it. In the twentieth century Gandhiji and Ambedkar, through their sacrifice, constructed the unity of the handmaking people all over again.

In 2014, weavers from North Karnataka did a handloom sathyagraha. In 2015, activists of sustainable lifestyle did a sathyagraha at Badanawal. In 2017 June, when the Government announced a new tax called GST, this movement took the shape of a Tax Denial Satyagraha. With a long tradition such as this behind us, we shall move forward and demand a better price for the handmade.

Jan 30, is when Gandhiji sacrificed his life. On the same day, at the famous site of the Sufi-Basava confluence, we shall meet. We shall demand a better value and a better price for the handmade. We shall then march down south, retracing the path taken by the sixteenth century saint poet Manteswamy, for the sake of unity.

Gram Seva Sangh does not intend to contest elections. We shall not support any political party in the forthcoming elections. We believe in the politics of consensus.

Kodekal is in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region of Karnataka, in Yadgir district. Buses are available. Come to Kodekal.


to explore the handmade treasures of Karnataka in this journey.


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We have been successfully running the Tax Denial Satyagraha and later, a ‘Symposium on the Handmade’ with your moral and material support. It’s your support which has kept us going ahead with the Satyagraha. Now, we are entering the next phase of the Satyagraha, which is about to begin this Jan 30th 2018. We need your support to this campaign as well.

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