Study Circle : Session 002


We announce with pride that the second “Study Circle” session for Graama Seva Sangha was held on the 23rd of April, 2016 at GoodEarth Enclave, Kengeri. The session overall was successful in bringing together the registered GSS members and providing a forum to discuss and debate on various topics. We focussed predominantly on the topic of the study circle itself which was the reading of “Hind Swaraj” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Detailed Minutes

The session commenced at 4.20pm after initial introductions. A short welcome and stage-setting was provided after which we proceeded to the reading of two chapters from “Hind Swaraj”, namely “What is true civilization?” and “How can India become free?”

After this session, we followed it up with discussions based on the chapters, the contexts in which they were written and their practical application or possibility of application in today’s context.

We also spent a few minutes discussing the cause, effect and potential actionable items for us regarding the spontaneous rebellion that Bangalore witnessed in the previous week, where Garment Industry workers took to the street to oppose the provident fund related move from the government.

We discussed the tendencies of peaceful protests to turn violent and the unfortunate situation that seem to be encouraging only violent protests to get attention.

The discussion also touched upon the topic of local and grassroots work that we all need to do (and continue doing in some cases) to uphold the spirit of Hind Swaraj. This included both the social and political movements which are closer to the people and ensures that the beneficiaries are the poorest of the poor.

Some of the challenges faced today by the members as well as other like-minded folks also was brought on the table; challenges that have their root in populist culture as well as an inherent cynicism that exists in the society. The discussions concluded yet again with the ever present hopes that groups such as Graama Seva Sangha would remain the platforms to overcome the challenges.

We closed the session with snacks and refreshments.