Study Circle : Session 001 : Kickoff!


We announce with pride that the first ever “Study Circle” session for Graama Seva Sangha commenced on the 26th of March, 2016 at GoodEarth Enclave, Kengeri. The session overall was successful in bringing together the registered Graama Seva Sangha members and providing a forum to discuss and debate on various topics. We focussed predominantly on the topic of the study circle itself which was the reading of “Hind Swaraj” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Detailed Minutes

The session commenced at 4.15pm after initial introductions. A short welcome and stage-setting was provided after which we proceeded to a “Purpose and Introduction” by Mr.Prasanna.

After a quick revisit on the genesis of Graama Seva Sangha, Mr.Prasanna talked about the current affairs that we face today such as growing intolerance and a general lack of social purpose. He also discussed the interconnectedness between the social issues we face today and the environmental impact. He recollected how the Badanavalu Satyagraha, through its emphasis on sustainable lifestyle embodied values that transcend personal and social growth and touch upon equity issues.

After this session, we proceeded to read two chapters from Hind Swaraj. We followed it up with discussions based on the chapters themselves constantly reminding oneself and each other about the foresightedness of Gandhiji and his ability to imagine a world that was distant to him at that point but would eventually turn out to be.

We closed the session with a demonstration of a “Book Charaka” by one of the members and a short introduction to the art and skill of spinning.

Mr.Prasanna then volunteered to read an additional chapter from Hind Swaraj and we closed the day with snacks and refreshments.